Subject Selection for Year 12 2024

Students are highly recommended to take a course with English standards. (This is important for University Entrance Literacy)

Students will need to select the equivalent of 5.5 subjects.  

We have Full Year courses and semesterised courses.

Full Year courses do not have a number at the end (eg 12MAT).

Semesterised courses run for half of the year and have a number at the end 1 or 2 (eg 12HIS1 would run in the first semester and 12HIS2 would run in the second semester)

You can pick a first and second semester course to make a full year course.

A total of 5.5 subjects and all Students in Year 12 will all be doing 12 Hauora for one hour a week

Students will be asked to put the subjects in order of preference (ie top choice FIRST, next choice SECOND, etc)

Students MUST plan ahead – they should consider what they are likely to study in Year 13 and beyond to see if these subjects have prerequisites.

When course selections are entered, some courses will not have sufficient students to run and will be folded, then the next suitable choice is used.

If a student is vetted out of a subject by Leader of Learning then they will be asked to come in to discuss this.

Once the timetable has been made students will be emailed the courses they are in at the end of the school year.