13 Impact Project (13IPP2)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Vicki Dixon

Recommended Prior Learning

Entry Requirements

An interest/passion in another subject area and motivation for self-directed study

13 Impact Project

Are you passionate about working on a project of your choice? This one or two semester course gives you the opportunity to use your skills from another subject you study at Hagley College, to work on a major project. Use your skills from a range of subjects such as Digital Technologies, Art, Sculpture, Fashion, Electronics, Hard materials, or Stagecraft to work on a project you are passionate about. From creating a website for teenagers, to designing a musical instrument from recycled materials, you will be supported throughout your project and will link with some of the best local mentors in your chosen field. You can study one or both of these courses, and to maximise your learning, there will be opportunities for aspects of remote learning too. If you choose to learn remotely, you will need to be motivated, be able to access a computer and be able to work independently. This course will prepare you for further study or a career path in many areas of New Zealand’s innovative community.


Create and Manage your project 

Course Components

  • Develop a prototype
  • Undertake project management to support technological practice

To gain UE in Technology you would need to choose both Semester 1 & 2

Learning Areas:

Cross Subject, Practical Design