Studying at High School (12ELL3)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Tara De Coninck

Recommended Prior Learning

Entry Requirements

Ennrolment upon placement test or NCEA record of achievement and interview

Studying at High School - 12ELL3

* Part-time ELL Programme for Young Adolescents and adults, alongside other mainstream subjects to make up a full-time programme

12 ELL3 – Level 3 English Language credits (General) + Level 1 English Achievement Standards

These programmes prepare students for higher level study and are suitable for students who wish to study at a university, polytechnic or improve their formal English in the workplace.

Course Components

  • Speak and participate in academic settings such as an interview, speech or seminar
  • Improve your academic listening and reading skills
  • Develop clear and effective writing skills for communication in academic situations or the workplace

Learning Areas: