12 Classics (12CLS1)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Andrew Tebbutt

12 Classics

Semester One

‘Rome: Origins, Gender and Gladiators’

Rome emerged as the most powerful city-state of its time and grew to rule much of the known world. Learn what started it all, and the strange stories the Romans believed about themselves. Then study some of the great women of Roman history and how they made their mark in an oppressively sexist society. Finally, explore Gladiator culture in the Roman Empire, and consider the film Gladiator made in 2000 as a version of history.


  • Roman society: origins, myths, values and gender roles
  • Famous women of Rome: The Sabine Women, Lucretia, Fulvia, Octavia, Cleopatra
  • Gladiator culture and the film Gladiator

This course is split into two semesters: students can take just one course or both. 

Recommended Prior Learning

Entry Requirements

10 credits in a Level 1 language-rich subject

Assessment Information

Possible Credits
External - 4 credits
Internal - 9 credits