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13 Classics (13CLS)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Andrew Tebbutt

13 Classics

Develop your understanding of the social and con´Čéict history of the Ptolemaic Egyptian world through the career of Cleopatra VII and the writings of key ancient historians. Explore her links to Rome and her wide influence on later cultures.

Course Components

  • The Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt: history, political ideology
  • Cleopatra VII queen: religion, imperialism, family, relationships, motherhood ...
  • Cleopatra VII through the ages: how she was seen by the Romans and Medieval Arab culture
  • Cleopatra in the twentieth century: Elizabeth Taylor and Asterix
  • Ancient Writers: Plutarch & Horace

Recommended Prior Learning

Entry Requirements

10 credits in a Level 2 language-rich subject

Assessment Information

Possible Credits
External - 10 credits
Internal - 12 credits

UE Approved
Scholarship Subject