12 New Zealand History (12HNZ1)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Tamara Yuill Proctor

12 New Zealand History


‘Te Wai Pounamu: Early South Island History’

Explore the early history of Māori and Europeans in Te Wai Pounamu: and its conflicts Ngāi Tahu, Māori society, explorers, traders and settlers. Consider different   perspectives from participants in an event from this period: the Harriet shipwreck of 1834 or the Wairau Incident of 1843.


  • Māori society in Te Wai Pounamu before 1800
  • Māori, explorers, whalers, traders and settlers in Te Wai Pounamu 1770-1840
  • Conflict: The Harriet Shipwreck or the Wairau Incident: perspectives

 This course is split into two semesters: students can take just one course or both.


Recommended Prior Learning

Entry Requirements

10 credits in a Level 1 language-rich subject

Assessment Information

Possible Credits
External - 5 credits
Internal - 10 credits