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Studying at High School (12ELL2)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Tara De Coninck

Studying at High School - 12ELL2 

* Part-time ELL Programme for Young Adolescents and adults, alongside other mainstream subjects to make up a full-time programme


12 ELL2 – Level 2 English Language credits

These programmes prepare students for higher level study and are suitable for students who wish to study at a university, polytechnic or improve their formal English in the workplace.

Course Components

  • Speak and participate in academic settings such as an interview, speech or seminar
  • Improve your academic listening and reading skills
  • Develop clear and effective writing skills for communication in academic situations or the workplace

Recommended Prior Learning

Entry Requirements

Ennrolment upon placement test or NCEA record of achievement and interview

Assessment Information

Possible Credits
Level 2 English Language Credits
ELL unit standards contribute to the New Zealand Certificate in English Language, NCEA and Literacy unit standards.