This course requires 2 options.

12 Drama (12DRA)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Cameron Mattox

12 Drama

This course builds on the skills learnt in Level 1, with a stronger emphasis on the social and political aspects of theatre. You explore the principles and conventions of Epic Theatre and perform in a major production at the end of the year.

To take this course, you must also be enrolled in 12EDR

Course Components

  • Explore the drama of different cultures
  • Research ideas to create drama
  • Rehearse and perform drama in a range of styles
  • Group work and attendance are essential

Recommended Prior Learning

Entry Requirements

12 Level 1 Drama credits or by Interview upon enrolment

Students enrolled in 12 Drama are expected to be enrolled in 12 English with Drama. The work you do in 12DRA relates to the work you do in 12EDR.

Assessment Information

Possible Credits
External - 4 credits
Internal - 18 credits